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Pediatric Dentistry

Happy kids with healthy smiles is the goal of any family dentist.  Pediatric dentistry is one or our specialties.  You can count on the caring and experienced staff at Robert O’Brien Family Dentistry for all your child’s dental care needs. 

Kids Dentist in Longmont

Pediatric Dentistry Kids DentistIf your child is suffering from mouth pain or discomfort or simply needs a check-up and teeth cleaning, we are here to help.  We know that a trip to the dentist for a child can be a stressful situation for both child and parent.  That is why we focus on making the dental appointment fun, comfortable, and as stress-free as possible.

Good oral health and a solid foundation for a long lasting, healthy smile starts early.  Having regular dental check ups, exams, x-rays, fluoride treatments, etc. in a friendly atmosphere will give a child a life-long habit of good oral health. 

We are committed to excellent pediatric dentistry.

We provide our littlest patients instruction and suggestions on keeping their teeth happy and healthy while preventing tooth decay (a prevalent childhood problem today).  Our fun and family-friendly dental staff will show proper brushing and flossing techniques to keep those teeth at their best.

Your child’s first set of teeth still need excellent care before they are replaced with their adult teeth.  Don’t wait to schedule their first dental exam. 

Common Problems with Kids Dental Health

Tooth Decay: Also known as a cavity, or dental caries, tooth decay is something that should be treated as soon as possible. Preventing tooth decay is always our main objective in treating our young patients.  Parents, please be diligent in “guiding” your kids brushing and flossing. Those baby teeth are acting as place holders for permanent teeth and they shouldn’t be lost prematurely. Come in for regular dental exams and dental cleanings to catch cavities early or prevent them from ever forming.  If you do find that your child needs a filling, we will be gentle, patient, and comforting to ease the fear associated with the procedure.

Sensitive Teeth: Common causes of sensitivity can be a cavity or an eruption of a permanent tooth, cracked tooth, sinus issues, teeth grinding, or poor brushing technique. But whatever the cause, if your child is experiencing sensitivity and pain, they should see a pediatric dental expert for help. We can help find the cause and then apply necessary treatments or simply adjust home care routines.

Gum Disease:  It’s not common for children to develop serious cases of gum disease but it is all too common for them to develop a mild form of gingivitis.  Puffy, sore, red gums that can bleed easily are the obvious symptoms. We can stop gum disease and work to reverse it as well as work with your child on oral hygiene habits to prevent it’s return.

Emergency Dental Situations: When you have kids you know that an emergency can arise at any time of day or night.  Our little ones, as well as our teens, can often find themselves in a dental emergency like a cracked or broken tooth (please consider a mouth guard if your child is active in sports!), accidental tooth loss, or severe pain. If your child has a dental emergency you can count on Dr O’Brien for timely treatment.

If you are looking for a great family dentist who can provide excellent pediatric dentistry services,  Robert O’Brien Family Dentistry is your Longmont dentist of choice.  Call to schedule your child’s dental appointment today.

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